How it Works 


Simple and guided instructions help you create your living will

A legal, digital document that can be easily updated will be stored safely on our platform.

When requested by your treatment team your living will is delivered directly to your point of care.

Taking a closer look

The living will by is a comprehensive end-of-life care plan that empowers you to select medical treatment preferences as well as designate your healthcare proxy.

Your living will by allows you to provide your loved ones with certainty by removing the burden of making nearly impossible decisions during an extremely difficult time. Eliminate disagreements among family members by making sure your end-of-life care decisions are clear, accessible and freely chosen by yourself.

Informed decisions in the comfort of your home’s community tool helps you understand the medical terms and procedures that may affect you and your loved ones.
Our unique app carefully leads you through the process of creating your living will with guidance and helpful definitions. This allows you to make informed decisions that best reflect your treatment desires and beliefs.

All you need is a few minutes to create a legal electronic document that ensures your wishes will be respected and that will safeguard your family from the stress of uncertainty. You do not need a doctor visit, legal appointment, notary, or anything beyond the 4 simple steps that you’re guided through in the living will app.
You can always make changes later. Our intuitive app allows instant updates at any time, from any location, at no cost. Take control of your end-of-life healthcare, just as you have taken control of your current healthcare.

A living will that is easy to retrieve

A living will is only effective if it can be located and delivered when you need it.
No more need to have somebody search your old paper files, safety deposit box or desk drawers for a directive that you created many years before. No need to make them physically retrieve a printed document that may have been lost or become outdated.

Your living will is kept safe electronically on our secure platform and delivered directly to your point of care when it has been requested by your treatment team. You will receive a unique code allowing your living will to be accessed by medical professionals if you or your family are unable to. Our fully digital system ensures that the most current version is accessed quickly and easily when and where it’s needed.

Freedom of Choice, Security and Convenience means freedom of choice, security and convenience. Plus, your information will not be shared with third parties.

• No lawyer, doctor, notary, or even printer required
• No retrieving an outdated printed copy from a filing cabinet or safety deposit box
• Only requires a few names and email addresses
• Delivered directly to your point of care when requested by your treatment team
• Supported by our community tool – you will get answers to your questions
• Fully digital – always with you

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