Simply Create, Update, and Share your living will

Take control of your personal health care with

Your digital living will prevents uncertainty and conflict regarding your medical treatment in the unexpected event that you are unable to make medical decisions yourself. Everywhere. Always.


Only 22 % of Swiss adults have a living will


In Switzerland 35% of adults don't know what a living will is

Quelle: gfs-zürich, Telefonische Omnibus-Befragung
zur persönlichen Vorsorge, August 2017

Put your values and desires into action

Your living will by provides a clear and implementable set of medical decisions, based on your values and desires, allowing medical professionals to care for you as YOU decided.

Provide clear medical decisions

A living will isn’t just for you.

Your living will by allows you to provide your loved ones with certainty. Eliminate disagreements among family members by making sure your end-of-life care decisions are clear and accessible.

Freedom of choice – Take control of your end of life health care and choose how to leave this world with power and dignity. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and be prepared for any situation. Because it’s never to early to take over.

Easy & fast
to create

  • Create your living will quickly, in the comfort of your home
  • No lawyer, doctor, notary, or even printer required
  • Simple and guided instructions, supported by our community tool


  • Accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Stored safely with state of the art technology
  • A legal, digital document that can be easily updated


  • Values and beliefs section helps  understand your decisions
  • Appoint a spokesperson to act as your medical proxy
  • Delivered directly to your point of care when requested by your treatment team

Owned by
the members

  • Being a cooperative the data is owned by its members
  • The data will never be shared without your consent
  • Take control of your end-of-life healthcare

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